Street Furniture

Having the dedicated area or a place that can be utilised as a recreation area, can definitely be turned into a comfortable seating place. Thanks to our variety and value for money street furniture and necessities you can achieve your goal. Benches, shelters, chars, bins, barriers and customised selection of street décor and utilities are available at our company, ready to be fixed at your site.

Our professional team can help you choose the best options and what suits best for your area. Among the list of items that we can offer we specialise also on major road works and a selection of street furniture for main roads, playing fields, parking lots, bus stops, crash barriers and much more.

Road safety requires attention and ongoing procedures which is in our priority list having pvc poles, identification signs, road safety equipment and all necessary expertise and workmanship for installation.

We take orders and provide you with estimates according to your needs while we help you decide on the best street furniture for your requirements. During our installations we also provide the necessary health and safety tools, lights, signs and notices to safeguard the full interest of our clients, pedestrians and drivers while ensuring the best of service and design.

Road Markings

Using the latest technology and machinery we manage to help our team of hardworking operators to design more than 1200 roads, locating 12600 car spaces, covering 143,800km of yellow lines, 775,00km of white lines and 630,000km of broken white lines. Quality, perfection and best practice are our strengths and we make a difference on whatever we do. Repairs and repainting of existing markings is also a service that we offer either by covering the existing lines in specific paint to provide a base for new road markings or scarifying the existing faulty lines with a scarifying machine and redoing new markings using our EU certified machinery to provide a high level of road safety markings.

To date we have used more than a million litters of paint, have travelled to other countries to provide our services and with us the brilliant team that we have can proudly say that we have people with more than 30 years of experience. This helped our young company to be very mature in what we do and how we provide it. No doubt all the explanation without a proof is worthless and in doing so we provide our estimate clients site visits on readymade roads, parking lots and other sites that we have been in to provide our services.

Nowadays our clients on a national, international and private scale are getting to us by just an email or telephone call. They then rest their minds that what we offer them is one of a kind. We deal and explain to the residents and people in connection about the works to be carried out to let them know our commitments and to keep an understanding to all those involved.

Parking and stencilled ground finish

Another concept of design and practicality is the stencilled pave and ground finish that could be used for pavements, parking lots and other areas. No doubt, this is one of the most ideal finishes for drive ways, terraces and front and back gardens. Our experience in this market is vast and reliable. Both if you require a simple neat design or a more adventurous design, we can help you choose what suites you best. We provide a variety of stencils, colours and designs which no doubt will help satisfy your requests.

Any site deserves to have an identity and using our services in this regard will help you create a very attractive look for your property or area. Creating a space that will stand out in order to deserve the attention and appreciation it deserves. The technique used avoids having certain tile problems such as grout fatigues, it is also strong enough to take weight of vehicles both light and heavy. Our product also provides branding for your residence and or company. It could also be used on main roads and roundabouts to create a more sensible traffic flow and better traffic management.

Road Signs

By having our own printing and steel works team we can provided any type of sign that our clients require in a short period of time. The requested signs will then be installed by our installers. Any shape and sticker can be provided as we are known for our efficient installation date right after any request is confirmed. Even if our clients have requests for the sign to be customised, we can do it. Hole drilling equipment, cutting and installation can all be carried out with battery operated machines and when we require certain works, our generators will help us finish the job. Our workshops situated in Marsa allows us to be on the place where we are called to, in a few minutes when clients seek such service. This is our policy which we are proud of.